"Charming New District, Energetic Youth"-The 2nd YOU Bang Team Hanan Youth Theme Training Event


In order to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the previous plenary sessions, to further enhance the sense of identity of the majority of League cadres and Youth Federation members and the sense of responsibility to do the work of the grassroots Communist Youth League in the new era, and enrich the cottage area The spare-time life of various grassroots league organizations, league cadres, and youth federation members, strengthen the team spirit of young cadres, and create a healthy, progressive, harmonious and united atmosphere. October 20th, hosted by the Bungalows Committee of the Communist Youth League, Xinjiang Subdistrict, Heilongjiang Province The second "Charming New District, Energetic Youth" hosted by Zhixiang Enterprise Management Research Institute and named by our company-the second YOU team Hanan Youth Theme Training Event was held at Dongqing Stadium in Pingfang District. A total of more than 80 people including young officials from the government, youth league officials at all levels and members of the Youth Federation participated in the activity.



During the exchange of activities, the young members of the league went from being unfamiliar and restrained to mutual trust and mutual assistance, which not only enhanced friendship, but also realized the importance of cooperation and support. Everyone said that through the development of quality, they not only learned to challenge and break through themselves, felt the importance of teamwork, but also made new friends and enhanced friendship. This quality development training activity aroused everyone's enthusiasm for participating in team activities, enhanced communication and trust between young cadres, and formed a positive, hardworking, and sincere spirit of cooperation. I hope that after the event, everyone will devote themselves to the future work with full enthusiasm and fighting spirit, and contribute their youth to the comprehensive revitalization of the Harbin Economic Development Zone and the Pingfang District.


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